Novitiate New Ross

Who We Are

We are Carmelite women, called by the Father to share in the prayer of Jesus for the Church & the world & in His deep love for all.


Carmel is all Mary's - her presence pervades our monasteries giving a special Marian tone to our life of prayer and contemplation.

Where We Are

There are 8 Carmelite monasteries in Ireland, united in an Association which gives us mutual support and encouragement.

Saint of the Month


Feast Day July 12th

Louis (1823–1894) and Zélie (1831–1877) were canonised on Mission Sunday, October 19th 2015 and were the first married couple ever to be canonised together. They had been beatified on October 19th 2008 at the Basilica in Lisieux dedicated to their youngest daughter, St. Thérèse.

Although Louis’ family were from Normandy he was born in Bordeaux as his father, who was a captain in the army, was garrisoned there, though he was away on the Spanish Campaign when Louis was born on August 22nd 1823. Soon afterwards the family moved to Avignon and then in 1882 to Strasburg. In 1830 Louis’ father retired from the army and the family moved back to Normandy where they settled in Alençon. Louis began his apprenticeship as a watchmaker in 1884 when he spent some time with his father’s cousin in Rennes to learn the trade, the next year he returned to Strasburg to continue his apprenticeship. It was on the way to Strasburg that Louis made his first visit to the Monastery of the Great St. Bernard, high on the Swiss Alps. He would have liked to enter there, and he returned at the end of his stay in Strasburg hoping to be accepted but he did not have sufficient knowledge of Latin. He went back to Alençon, hoping to learn enough Latin to enter the monastery but after a time he decided to go to Paris to finish his apprenticeship and he returned to Alençon as a master watchmaker in 1850 and established a shop there, taking his parents to live with him. He worked hard and his business thrived, even though he refused to open his shop on Sundays, unlike the other traders in the town.


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