Srs Anne Francis & Patrice Laminatig

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Who We Are

We are Carmelite women, called by the Father to share in the prayer of Jesus for the Church & the world & in His deep love for all.


Carmel is all Mary's - her presence pervades our monasteries giving a special Marian tone to our life of prayer and contemplation.

Where We Are

There are 8 Carmelite monasteries in Ireland, united in an Association which gives us mutual support and encouragement.


Mariam Baouardy 1846-1878

Mariam Baouardy was born on January 5th 1846 at Ibillin, a village in the Holy Land near Nazareth.  Her parents were George Baouardy and Mariam Shashyn, they were Greek Catholics in a predominantly Muslin area. They were both persecuted for their faith and George spent some time in prison.  Their first 12 children, all boys, died in infancy so they decided to go on pilgrimage to Bethlehem, to beg Our Lady for a daughter and they promised to call her Mariam. Their prayers were answered when little Mariam was born, followed two years later by her only surviving brother, Paul. Mariam was baptised and confirmed when she was ten days old according to the Greek Catholic Rite.  Sadly before she was three years old both her parents died from an infectious illness, within a few days of each other. When her father was dying he commended  Mariam to the care of St. Joseph, looking lovingly at a picture of him, he said ‘Great saint, here is my child; the Blessed Virgin is her mother; deign to look after her also; be her father’.
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