Srs Anne Francis & Patrice Laminatig

Who We Are

We are Carmelite women, called by the Father to share in the prayer of Jesus for the Church & the world & in His deep love for all.


Carmel is all Mary's - her presence pervades our monasteries giving a special Marian tone to our life of prayer and contemplation.

Where We Are

There are 8 Carmelite monasteries in Ireland, united in an Association which gives us mutual support and encouragement.


Feast Day October 15 Reformer of Carmel. Doctor of the Church.

St. Teresa was born in Avila, Spain on March 28th 1515. Her father, Alonso Sánchez de Capeda had been widowed after only three years of marriage but married a second time to Beatriz de Ahumada.  Teresa was the third child of this second marriage.
The family belonged to the lower ranks of the nobility, and had many servants, though unlike most of his class Teresa’s father refused to have slaves.  He had a wide taste in literature and ensured that his children were well educated.
Teresa’s mother taught her the faith, and introduced her to the lives of the saints as well as to the tales of chivalry that she liked to read, even though Teresa’s father disapproved of them.  Teresa’s mother died when she was 13 and soon afterwards, she asked Our Lady to be her Mother.
Teresa was an attractive, vivacious girl with curly chestnut hair and large dark eyes. At 16 she was experimenting with hairstyles and makeup, trying on her late mother’s gowns and reading her books of chivalry, taking care to hide them from her father, but happily playing chess with him at his wish.  However her father thought that she would benefit from the restraint of a convent boarding school and sent her to the Augustinian nuns for about eighteen months

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