Srs Anne Francis & Patrice Laminatig

Who We Are

We are Carmelite women, called by the Father to share in the prayer of Jesus for the Church & the world & in His deep love for all.


Carmel is all Mary's - her presence pervades our monasteries giving a special Marian tone to our life of prayer and contemplation.

Where We Are

There are 8 Carmelite monasteries in Ireland, united in an Association which gives us mutual support and encouragement.

Saint of the Month

BLESSED ANNE OF SAINT BARTHOLOMEW 1549 – 1626 Beatified 1917

Her Feast Day June 7

Anne was born in Almendral, a village in Castile, Spain in October 1549. She was the youngest of seven children born to Ferdinand García and Maria Mancanas, who were landowning farmers. They were a very devout couple who took their children to daily Mass and said family prayers each day. Anne was baptised on the day of her birth. Ferdinand García confided the spiritual care of his children to a priest who gave them a daily lesson in Christian doctrine. Anne also learnt to read in Spanish but she was not taught to write. Prayer came to her naturally.

Even as a very young child Anne had a great love for Jesus and wanted to please him in all she did; she often felt him very near to her. She liked to talk to Our Lady, St. Joseph and the Saints and every day she asked them to keep her free from sin, but she also enjoyed playing with other little girls and was especially close to her cousin Francesca García, a girl of her own age, who also became a Carmelite.

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