Who We Are

We are Carmelite women, called by the Father to share in the prayer of Jesus for the Church & the world & in His deep love for all.


Carmel is all Mary's - her presence pervades our monasteries giving a special Marian tone to our life of prayer and contemplation.

Where We Are

There are 8 Carmelite monasteries in Ireland, united in an Association which gives us mutual support and encouragement.

Saint of the Month

Saint Therese of Lisieux
Her Feast Day is celebrated on October 1st

Therese was canonised in 1925 and declared a Doctor of the Church in 1997 by Pope John Paul II

Therese of Lisieux 1873-1897

Thérèse Martin was born in Alençon, France on January 2nd 1873. She was the ninth and youngest child of Louis Martin and Zélie Guèrin, but four of them had already died before her birth so she grew up as the youngest of five girls. When she was four her mother died from breast cancer and Thérèse chose her sister Pauline as her ‘little mother’. Three months later the family moved to Lisieux to be near Zélie’s brother and his family.
Before her mother’s death Thérèse had been an outgoing independent child, but the sorrow she suffered completely changed her so that she became quiet and withdrawn except with her own family. After the move to Lisieux, Thérèse’s eldest sister and Godmother, Marie taught her to read and Pauline gave her other lessons.
Her sisters, Léonie and Céline went to the Benedictine school. When Thérèse was eight Léonie left school and Thérèse took her place going each day with Céline and their cousins Jeanne and Marie. Thérèse never liked school she found it difficult to make friends with the other girls, but she was good at her lessons especially composition and history, she was also one of the best in the catechism and Bible history class so the Chaplain sometimes called her his ‘little doctor’.


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