bl_anne_of_st_bartholomewAnne García was born in Spain in October 1549.  As a young girl she was a shepherdess, but she was a prayerful child and wanted to be a Carmelite from an early age.  Eventually she was accepted at Avila and became Sr. Anne of St. Bartholomew.  She made her profession in 1572 and for the next ten years she was infirmarian.  St. Teresa thought very highly of her and she became her secretary and nurse attending lovingly to her when she died at Alba de Tormes in 1582.

Afterwards Anne returned to Avila and she was one of seven sisters who brought the Discalced Carmelites to France. She became prioress at Pointoise and from there she went on to be prioress in Paris and in Tours. 

In 1611 she went to Belgium where she founded a Carmel in Antwerp.  She held the office of prioress there for the rest of her life and died on June 7th 1626.

Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew was beatified in 1917.  Her Feast Day is June 7th